Regarding Sanders: An engineering genius. Roger Sanders is a legend in this industry. He was the originator of the modern electrostatic curved panel design that Martin Logan uses today. He moved on from that design to start his own company in order to create the ultimate electrostat. He achieved this goal and came out with the Model 10 Electrostatic Speaker which is widely considered the best electrostat. It is brilliant!!! Sounds SO good and is a huge engineering accomplishment! 
Now, in order to run his speakers the best, he created the ESL amplifier. This amp is designed specifically to amplify electrostatic speakers. Another engineering accomplishment. And soon after, he came out with his own patented technology to regulate a linear power supply. He used that technology to create the Magtech Amp which is now know by many as the best amplifier in the audio industry (also has the awards to prove it!). This is an engineering milestone! Please check out his website and his white pages or call me for more information about all of this so you can see how important this is to the audio industry. Sanders is a great company run by a brilliant engineer.. Not just fancy words, but facts and charts showing how his products make your stereo system sound better.