MODEL 10e Electrostatic Speaker


This speaker comes included with:
  • Electrostatic Speakers
  • Aluminum transmission line woofer systems
  • Magtech Amplifier
  • New LMS (Loudspeaker Management System) includes digital crossover with a Room Correction System, Digital Signal Processor, and Real Time Analyzer



The award winning Model 10 electrostatic speaker is Sanders’ flag ship. It is the best speaker Roger knows how to make after 30+ years of research, design, and testing of electrostatic speaker. This is simply a no-compromise electrostatic speaker that solves all the problems that plague other electrostatic speakers.
Sanders Sound Systems has been producing the most advanced and sophisticated speakers available for many years. Sanders does not compromise and they use only the best technology, which includes electrostatic mid-range/treble, transmission line bass, digital electronic crossovers with electronic time alignment, and bi-amplification using the unique, voltage-regulated, Magtech amplifier. And they also include a built in automated LMS (Loudspeaker Management System) which is basically a RCS (Room Correction System since even a perfect loudspeaker will have its frequency response degraded by the room/speaker interaction and bass resonances produced by room dimensions) with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor so that the user can tailor the speaker’s frequency response) and a RTA (Real Time Analyzer so that the user can actually measure the frequency response of his speakers and room) combined together into one system.