“I would definitely recommend these speakers. They really upgraded my stereo system. They replaced¬† older, larger speakers that I had and provide a much fuller, balanced sound. For about half of the music I listen to, l prefer to play it loud. These speakers handle volume cleanly. As an added bonus, they look great in the room. And I got full endorsement from the Mrs.! I wanted to thank Shawn for coming all the way to PA in order to install and setup the speakers in my room.” – Scott, PA

“Having the entire house, especially the bathroom and kitchen, with high end music playing is a huge life changer for me. It’s hard to express the experience you have when you are taking a shower, completely¬† enveloped (should I say “saturated” for the pun!) in high quality music.¬†Fair warning: I think my water bills will increase! The installation process was amazing! Gene was incredible, taking every precaution to eliminate construction dust. I couldn’t be happier.” – Yevgeniy, NYC